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Jerry Jones cites ‘problematic aspects’ to NFL disciplinary process

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell continue to disagree over the facts surrounding Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension, among other things.

Jones on Wednesday cited “problematic aspects” to the NFL’s disciplinary process above and beyond the Elliott situation while Goodell flatly denied ever lying to Jones about Elliott’s suspension.

Elliott of course was suspended by the league for six games following a protracted legal process. When asked if he lied to Jones, Goodell bluntly stated, “No.”

Jones once forwarded the argument that Elliott’s suspension was due in large part to an “over-correction” by Goodell over the public relations disaster the league endured over its mishandling of the Ray Rice case. And on Wednesday Jones pointed out what he sees as flawed aspects of the NFL’s disciplinary process.

“We all know that we’ve had problematic aspects to our discipline, our investigation,” Jones said, via Pro Football Talk. “We all know that those have been there. What is a misnomer is that I’ve known Zeke the better part of two years. I’ve known Roger Goodell for 30. I’ve known the rest of the people in that room for 30 years. I know them a lot better than I do [Elliott], and we all know I wasn’t there. And you weren’t there. Nobody was there. Roger wasn’t there when that happened with Zeke.

“What I am about there, and I’m not going to say I didn’t rob the bank, but ironically that is very convenient to put up when the thing that I probably had the biggest issue was how we got to the point to where that kind of decision could be made. It’s how we got there and the circumstances were there that I want to talk about and we’re going to get to do that in that period of time when we’re talking about the commissioner’s responsibility and the constitution.”

Goodell’s extension may have finally been pushed through despite Jones’ best efforts to derail the process. But the Cowboys owner’s most recent comments indicate all is still not well between himself and Goodell.