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Glover Quin quits social media; advises others to ‘just get off of it … delete it’

Detroit Lions safety Glover Quin earlier this year made the bold move to give up social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, all of it. And his experiences in a social-media free existence has inspired him to suggest others do the same.

“Just disconnected,” Quin said, via ESPN. “And focused more on football and family. Social media takes a lot of time.”

Quin made the decision — arguably a difficult one in this day and age — to forego social media entirely earlier in the season, deleting all the related apps from his phone. Several months later, Quin appears committed to living his life without the trappings of social media and doesn’t plan on returning to it anytime soon.

“A lot of stuff that I probably would see and probably would run up on on social media I don’t anymore so I don’t have all types of crazy things,” Quin said. “If I don’t freaking hear it in the locker room, half the time I don’t know what’s going on because I don’t watch the news. They were talking about all types of stuff and I’m like, ‘Oh wow, when did this happen. Wow, this happened.’

“Just kind of out of touch but I get to focus more on [other things].”

So, what is Quin doing with all the time freed up from scrolling, posting, liking, retweeting and the like? He says he’s been reading more and listening to audio books, not to mention the noble pursuit of “finding ways to be a better human, all types of stuff.”

Doesn’t sound like too bad of a gig when taking some time to think about it. Although given the present day’s obsession with social media, it’s unlikely many people will be inspired by Quin and follow in his footsteps.

“Just get off of it,” Quin said. “Delete it. That’s all you got to do.”