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Donald Trump said to be upset over how Tom Brady has ‘distanced himself’

Donald Trump has long touted his friendship with Tom Brady and reportedly is disappointed with how the New England Patriots superstar quarterback has “distanced himself” in the past year.

Trump not only has professed strong ties with Brady, he’s also boasted about his friendship with Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who reportedly gave the President a Super Bowl LI ring earlier this year.

Brady, on the other hand, appears to have kept his distance from Trump. A recent profile of Trump by The New York Times alleges as much.

“Mr. Trump still takes shots at Mark Cuban, a fellow rich-guy reality star, and expresses disappointment that Tom Brady, the New England Patriots quarterback, has distanced himself,” the piece reads.

It’s hardly surprising that Brady, regardless of the nature of his relationship with Trump before the latter assumed the presidency, would keep the polarizing president at arm’s length. Brady is about as savvy as they come to carefully crafting a persona that protects his brand and enriches his business interests.

For Brady to align himself with Trump arguably has the potential of alienating a significant portion of his fan base … while rallying another segment of his base as well, it’s worth noting. It merits noting Brady was among the several Patriots players who skipped the team’s White House visit earlier this year, although the reason behind his absence was not as patently absurd as one forwarded afterward.

The fact that Trump has waged an all-out war with the NFL in recent months certainly is cause for Brady to pull back from Trump, if the two were once as close as believed. Either way, whatever reason for the distance, it’s reportedly clear The Donald is not very happy about it.