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Lonzo Ball has bizarre reason why ‘Star Wars’ theme isn’t a song (vid)

Los Angeles Lakers rookie point guard Lonzo Ball probably is not making plans to catch “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” this weekend if his thoughts on the beloved film series’ iconic theme song is any indication. Nor can it be said that Ball has much insight on what makes a piece of music, you know, a song.

Ball was taking part in practice this week when the “Star Wars” theme began being piped into the gym. That’s when this interaction between Ball and Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw occurred:

Use the Force, Lonzo. Use the Force.

It’s safe to say that Ball, with that off-the-wall opinion, isn’t much of “Star Wars” buff, to say the least. Ball likely isn’t much a fan of Kenny G or Chuck Mangione, either. Then again, if that’s true, one has to wonder how any sane person cannot enjoy the soothing sounds of those two horn-blowing instrumentalists.

Let’s just hope “Star Wars Theme” composer John Williams doesn’t catch wind of Ball’s comments and issues a rebuttal. The last thing we need in this world is a feud between Williams and LaVar Ball. Because you just know it would happen if Williams were to sound off.