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LeBron James, Dwyane Wade weigh in on infamous Banana Boat ride

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade at long last have delved more deeply into the story behind the photograph of their infamous Banana Boat ride a few years back. The image has followed the two Cleveland Cavaliers teammates, as well as Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony, even though the latter wasn’t even part of the image.

It all started out when the four pals took an offseason vacation to the Bahamas. James, Wade and Paul, with Gabrielle Union riding up front, embarked upon a now-legendary excursion atop the recreational water conveyance.

Not surprisingly, the photograph ushered in a viral phenomenon andĀ even inspired a meme courtesy of Snapchat dispatches from Wade.

James and Wade had a great time reminiscing about the celebrated banana boat ride earlier this week during an appearance on Uninterrupted podcast “Road Trippin'” with Channing Frye, Allie Clifton and Rafael Hernandez Brito.

“Jelly definitely said, ‘This is not a good idea.’ But we have one friend who is the biggest gasser ever and that’s Chris Paul,” James said, via “Wherever we go, if it’s like climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, he’s like, ‘We’ve gotta do it.’ So he was the one who gassed us. Then Gab (Gabrielle Union) was like, ‘We’ve gotta do it.’ She was right there with him.”

Wade wanted it to be known again during the podcast that he was against the idea, knowing that the photo would blow up. But James helped talk him into it and peer pressure got the best of him that day.

“We got on that boat one time and we’re known as the banana boat crew,” Wade said while laughing.

There’s no chance the involved parties will ever live down the Banana Boat phenomenon. Nor should they. Heck, even James lamented earlier this season how “Team Banana Boat” missed a chance for a reunion with the Cleveland Cavaliers this season.

Long live “Team Banana Boat.”