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Teacher uses Tom Brady photo to slow down drivers in school zone (pic)

A Boston elementary schoolteacher came up with an unorthodox but effective way to get speeding drivers to slow down in a nearby school zone: Placing a photograph of local icon Tom Brady smack dab in the middle of a crosswalk.

Sam Balto, who teaches physical education at Ellis Elementary School, recently reached his wit’s end with drivers ignoring the 20-mph speed limit on a street outside the school.

“Unfortunately, those signs get run over on a daily basis. Maybe if Tom Brady was on the School X-ing sign drivers might pay more attention, slow down & yield for students at crosswalks,” Balto tweeted, via a CBS Boston report.

Balto subsequently took the laminated photo of the New England Patriots quarterback’s face and placed it right on the school crossing sign on the street where speeders have been clocked speeding upwards of 56 MPH.

Balto isn’t sure if Brady’s photographic presence will deter drivers from speeding in the long run. But he’s hopeful that’s the case and believes utilizing Brady’s good looks and revered status in the area is worth a shot.

“Also we need a smile, everybody needs to put a smile on their face. Tom Brady is one good looking guy,” Balto told the Boston Globe. “If I can get my kids to smile and their parents to smile, that’s a great way to start the day.”

If any person’s image can accomplish such things in Boston, it’s of course one Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.