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LeBron James roasts ‘bum’ Chicago heckler with great taunt (vid)

A heckler in attendance at Monday’s Chicago Bulls-Cleveland Cavaliers tilt at United Center learned a tough lesson concerning how LeBron James can shut down a wiseacre as well as he can an opponent on the court.

The incident occurred at some point during the game when James was taking a breather on the bench during the Cavs’ relatively easy 113-91 victory over the Bulls.

A guy with a premium courtside seat near the Cavs’ bench started jawing at James, accusing him of “crying” and other assorted insults. James was having none of it, coming back strong at the heckler.

While the audio is not the best, it would appear that James absolutely roasted the guy by making an observation about the young lady sitting next to him.

Closing it with “bum” is the “Game, Set, Match” moment of the entire interaction. It also merits mentioning that “bum” might be one of James’ favorite shutdown words. It’s the same one he used in a tweet directed at Donald Trump earlier this year, a social media missive that became one of the most retweeted tweets of 2017.

In any event, as far as Monday’s roast-job on the mouthy heckler is concerned: Well played, King James. Well played, indeed.