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DeMarcus Cousins: Flopping is ruining ‘competitive spirit of basketball’

DeMarcus Cousins on Wednesday night bemoaned how flopping is ruining the “competitive spirit of basketball” following the New Orleans Pelicans’ 123-114 victory over the Denver Nuggets.

The source of Cousins’ ire — and it is not the first time he’s railed against flopping — appears to be how Mason Plumlee attempted but failed to draw a foul on him late in the fourth quarter with an especially egregious flop.

“It kinda sucks. The competitive spirit of basketball is slowly leaking out,” Cousins said during a post-game interview. “Taking pride in one-on-one defense is slowly leaking out.

“It’s more about selling calls and flopping. So you just gotta kinda ignore the B.S. and just play your game.”

Cousins also expressed frustration over how he’s being “villainized” by flopping opponents.

In order to provide some semblance of context to Cousins’ gripes, he actually does have some history when it comes to flopping himself. While certainly not among the most prodigious floppers in the NBA — of which there are many — Cousins has at times been accused of the hackneyed act of pantomiming in a quest to draw a foul, in particular on the offensive end. To wit:

DeMarcus Cousins with the flop!

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Cousins also has been subjected to accusations of being a world-class flopper by his opponents during his NBA career as well.

That said, Cousins’ salient points on the detrimental impact of flopping on the quality of the NBA game should not be ignored. It’s just that perhaps he should internalize in his own observations on the act as well.