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Justin Verlander sidesteps question about honeymoon with Kate Upton (vid)

Justin Verlander has once again successfully sidestepped getting in trouble with new wife Kate Upton by avoiding an inquiry out of a TMZ camera crew.

Verlander enjoyed a pretty remarkable run last month — to say the least — by winning a World Series with the Houston Astros and then marrying longtime fiancée Kate Upton shortly afterward. But Verlander regrettably missed the Astros’ World Series parade when he and Upton jetted off to Italy to tie the knot.

Verlander’s supermodel wife, however, put him in a real tough spot by responding to a tweet the supercouple were tagged in that inquired about how their honeymoon stacked up when compared to the pitcher securing another kind of ring (more on that here).

Here was Verlander’s clever — but noncommittal — response on Twitter to Upton seeking clarification on the championship vs. honeymoon conundrum.

Unfortunately for Verlander, the inquiring minds at TMZ Sports were not satisfied with his non-answer answer. A TMZ camera crew once again confronted Verlander on the sticky issue as he and Upton exited an L.A. restaurant.

Oftentimes, silence is the best response. Verlander ignored the question and instead responded to an inquiry about Astros teammate Jose Altuve being named co-winner of the Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson of the Year Award along with Houston Texans superstar J.J. Watt.

Well played, Verlander. As the saying goes, “Happy wife, happy life.”