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Jimbo Fisher explains image of discarded Xmas tree that went viral

Jimbo Fisher of course has moved on from Florida State to take over the football program at Texas A&M for boatloads of money. And one of the more interesting side stories that played out amid the coach’s uncertain future before announcing the move was a the image of a discarded Christmas tree outside his home in Tallahassee, Fla.

The photo not surprisingly went viral in an instant. Instead of the discarded Christmas tree actually being a harbinger of impending news regarding the coach’s impending job switch, Fisher provided a much more sensible reason why his holiday decoration was sitting out on the curb during an appearance Wednesday on “The Dan Patrick Show.”

“Well what that was, I had no idea, the guys who come to put my Christmas tree up that week, said they got it out, ‘Coach it’s broke,’” Fisher said, via SB Nation. “What happened was, it was broke, so I put a new one up and he said ‘So we’ll get rid of the other one’ so they set it on the curb to be picked up. That was what it was — there was a new Christmas tree in my house, it’s still in my house in Tallahassee.

“I didn’t throw it out. I was actually at work, there was a group that comes in that puts the lights and everything across the house, because you’re always on the road recruiting. We had a group, the Espositos, that comes and does it, and they called me and said ‘Jimbo this thing’s over 10 years old and it’s broke up.’”

So, it was more about the Espositos’ responsible stewardship of the Fisher home’s annual holiday decorating procedures than anything else. Makes sense, just not as amusing as what the wiseacres on social media came up with.