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New York Daily News calls Shohei Ohtani ‘chicken’ for snubbing Yankees (pic)

The New York Daily News, as it is wont to do, took a cheap shot at Shohei Ohtani on its cover for Monday’s edition after reports surfaced the Japanese phenom will not sign with the New York Yankees.

But the case can be made the Daily News took things a bit too far by tabbing Ohtani as a “chicken” who “fears” playing in the big New York market.

The tabloid promoted the cover in a tweet Sunday night in which Ohtani is accused of having “STAGE FRIGHT” and is “too scared” to play for the Yankees.

Nope, nothing subtle about that hot take. It certainly looks like the New York media can be pretty petty and provincial, to say the least.

Inspiring New York’s sour grapes, Yahoo Sports’ Jeff Passan reported over the weekend that the Yankees are not among the finalists to sign the two-way phenom.  The report indicates Ohtani has stated signing with a West Coast team as a preference.

Ohtani and his representation reportedly are in the process of scheduling meetings this week with teams that remain in the running. The pitching-hitting sensation must sign with an MLB team, which reportedly will be a West Coast team — with the San Francisco Giants and Seattle Mariners believed to be the front-runners — by Dec. 22.