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Michael Strahan says Eli Manning’s benching ‘just isn’t right’ (vid)

Michael Strahan became the latest in a long line of big names in the NFL world to blast the New York Giants for unceremoniously benching Eli Manning, not to mention the manner in which the organization arguably bungled the handling of it.

“I think we’re all surprised and disappointed,” Strahan told NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo, via Pro Football Talk. “I don’t think they’re handling it very well. I don’t think you put it all on Eli, the season of failure on his part. I think it’s a team game, team sport, we all understand that.

“Sometimes one person gets thrown under the bus as a martyr and that seems to be Eli in this case. But I think it goes a lot higher than the players on the field. I don’t think a lot of the supporting things put in place before the season were good for him. That has to do with more than just Eli.

“Here’s a guy who’s been the epitome of this organization, the class of this organization for a long time, for 14 seasons. And with four games to go that aren’t going to change the season one way or the other, this just isn’t right. I don’t think there’s any player, current or former, who feels like this is right.”

Strahan, a Pro Football Hall of Famer and NFL analyst for FOX, of course was Manning’s teammate for several seasons, but his criticism of the Giants’ handling of the situation arguably rings true.

And Strahan isn’t the only one to come out against it, as the backlash to Manning’s benching has been swift and contentious within the NFL community. It not surprisingly inspired snark from the New York tabloids, not to mention a few billboards near MetLife Stadium commissioned by disgruntled Giants fans.

Meanwhile, Manning has exhibited remarkable class throughout the entire situation, even mentoring Davis Webb a day after his benching.

The Giants organization has since admitted that Manning’s benching could have been handled a bit better. The case can be made that goes without saying.