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Marlins parted ways with scout with cancer who needs kidney transplant

A longtime Miami Marlins scout learned his contract would not be renewed while in a hospital bed days after undergoing colon cancer surgery while also needing a kidney transplant.

The development follows several instances depicting a bumpy, sometimes tumultuous, transition by the Derek Jeter-led ownership group that completed purchase of the franchise in September.

Marty Scott was informed the Marlins on Oct. 16 that the organization would not renew his contract at month’s end. Scott learned of the decision while hospitalized at a Florida clinic.

Word of his firing came days after a cancerous tumor and polyps were removed from his colon. The cancer was discovered in late August while Scott was undergoing tests necessitated by the need for a kidney transplant due to complications from diabetes.

“Derek Jeter doesn’t owe me anything,” Scott said, via a piece from Yahoo Sports’ Jeff Passan. “Probably in their hearts they did what they thought was right. I know based on certain aspects of the game, I probably was making too much money. But we all love the game. We’re all in it together. I just think 40 years was worth more than a spank on the butt and see you later.

“I’m very hurt. Forty years in baseball, I let a lot of people go. I never, ever fired somebody 10 days, 15 days before their contract was up. If I knew I was going to fire somebody, I did it at the beginning of September.”

The Marlins, through a spokesperson, incdicated the decision not to renew Scott’s contract was a baseball decision, one overseen by team president Michael Hill.

While Scott said he received a call from pro scouting director Jim Cuthbert informing him of the decision, the spokesman said Scott sought clarification on his status from Cuthbert and then was told he would not be renewed. Three others in similar positions were also let go around the same time, the spokesman said. The team declined further comment.

The timing of Scott’s dismissal certainly is not a good look for the Marlins and it’s understandable why he is upset by how things played out.