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Kate Upton puts Justin Verlander in tough spot with honeymoon question

Justin Verlander enjoyed a pretty remarkable run last month — to say the least — by winning a World Series with the Houston Astros and then marrying longtime fiancée Kate Upton shortly afterward.

Verlander’s supermodel wife, however, put him in a real tough spot this week after responding to a tweet the supercouple were tagged in that inquired about their honeymoon when compared to the pitcher securing another kind of ring.

Verlander had to miss the Astros’ World Series parade when he and Upton jetted off to Italy to tie the knot.

A Twitter user this week posed a tough question to Verlander about nuptials when juxtaposed the thrill from winning a world championship.

Upton surprisingly replied to the tweet, putting a little pressure on her husband, to put it mildly.

As of Friday morning, Verlander has yet to respond, which perhaps is a wise move. However, if Verlander is aware of the old adage, “Happy wife, happy life,” odds are good there’s only one way to respond to that inquiry.

Either way, it certainly seems both Verlander and Upton thoroughly enjoyed the Astros’ run to a World Series title.

Perhaps Upton will be content either way Verlander chooses to respond. Then again, perhaps not.