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Bill Belichick explains unenthusiastic reactions to Patriots scoring TDs

Bill Belichick insists he enjoys it when the New England Patriots score touchdowns, despite footage from last week’s game that would indicate otherwise.

The curmudgeonly Patriots head coach was mic’d up for NFL Films’ “Sound F/X”  during the team’s 35-17 victory over the Miami Dolphins in Week 12. Belichick seemed rather stoic, to say the least, on all five touchdowns the Patriots scored.

Interesting. Sheesh, Belichick exhibited more enthusiasm when picking out a Christmas tree with longtime girlfriend Linda Holliday over Thanksgiving weekend. And Belichick certainly seemed more excited about an autumn apple-picking excursion as well.

Belichick on Friday did take a moment to explain his understated reactions to touchdowns when discussing the issue with reporters.

“I’m happy when we score,” Belichick said, via NESN. “I’m really happy when we score. But there’s a decision to be made on the next play and the next play and the next series, and now the game has changed. Either we narrowed the gap or widened the gap or whatever it is, and so then there’s something that has to be done going forward. That’s really a big part of my job.

“We’ve got a lot of fans that come to the game. They cheer. They do a great job. I feel like a big part of my job is decision-making and planning ahead for the next play, the next series, the next situation. There is, sometimes, a little bit of time between a score and the kickoff when you go out on defense or how you’re going to kick the ball off or so forth. I feel like I need to do a good job of that. I don’t want to let the team down with the responsibilities that I have.”

There you have it. Belichick believes there are far more important things to focus on than jumping around, high-fiving his coaching staff or patting players on the back. Given his carefully cultivated persona — not to mention his strict adherence to the philosophy of always looking forward, never back — Belichick’s explanation makes a lot of sense.