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Young lady throws worst first pitch ever at Asia Winter League game (vid)

When it comes to time-honored tradition of ceremonial first pitches, there are countless, comically embarrassing choices to choose from when determining the worst one ever. But a young lady tasked with the duty ahead of a recent Asia Winter Baseball League game might have gone ahead and pulled off the most awful first pitch of all-time.

The entire scene is beyond surreal, even before the young lady hilariously screws up the first pitch. How so? Well, it takes about 2:30 into the video below before the “pitch” even happens.

For some unknown reason, the young lady spends an inordinate amount of time performing some kind of dance routine. Or maybe it’s performance art. It’s hard to say.

Perhaps the best part of the video is how the ballplayers are shown just standing there throughout her pre-pitch performance, appearing completely befuddled by the surreal scene playing out in front of them.

And then, there’s the pitch … or lack thereof. Technically speaking, the young lady doesn’t actually pull off a first pitch … as she throws the ball to second base instead of home plate.

Watch. And as noted, it takes until about 2:30 into the video before the gaffe is ultimately made (via Big League Stew):

Great googly moogly. Even 50 Cent doesn’t know what to say about that one. Which is saying something. At least he was aiming at home plate, right?

One cannot help but feel a bit sorry for the young lady, as she clearly is quite embarrassed by what had just transpired. Perhaps she can take solace in the fact that when it comes to the pantheon of horrible ceremonial first pitches, she’s arguably taken top billing.