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LaVar Ball says ZO2 sneakers have been sent to Donald Trump (vid)

LaVar Ball on Wednesday night claimed to a TMZ camera crew that he has made good on his vow and has indeed sent a pair of ZO2 sneakers to President Donald Trump amid their controversial feud.

“I sent Trump his shoes,” LaVar said outside Staples Center after son Lonzo Ball’s Los Angeles Lakers squad lost to the Golden State Warriors in overtime. “He should have them — unless they took ’em!”

Ball and Trump have been embroiled in a contentious feud over the President’s involvement in getting LiAngelo Ball and two UCLA teammates out of China in the wake of a shoplifting scandal.

The two domineering personalities have been going back and forth, with Ball providing his side of the story during a televised interview and Trump taking to his favorite medium, Twitter, to call the elder Ball an “ungrateful fool.”

Ball originally made his claim that he intended to send Trump some of son Lonzo’s signature sneakers last week.

“Check this out, man. I’m going to send Trump some ZO2s. We just got them out, man,” Ball told TMZ. “We’re putting them on a flight today.

“… You know what? I’ve got to ship some to Trump so he can calm down a little bit. Get some ZO2s so he can play on the court. Not in the court, but on the court.

“Them ZO2s is coming for you, Trump. Remember, you put them on, you going to ease up a little bit.

It will be interesting to see if it’s ever confirmed whether or not Trump received the sneakers, and if so, if he has any reaction to the care package.