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Aaron Boone distances himself from brother Bret amid Twitter controversy

Aaron Boone on Wednesday issued a series of tweets to clarify by no means does he share the same sentiments on the sexual harassment scandals embroiling the nation as his older brother Bret, who fired off controversial jokes mocking the issue on Twitter before later apologizing.

Aaron Boone, currently an ESPN MLB analyst,  is among the candidates competing for the managerial job with the New York Yankees. A handful of Twitter users attempted to link him to his brother’s antics on Twitter — or attribute the tweeted rant to him — to which he promptly disputed.

Despite his best attempts to remain above the fray, Aaron Boone still found himself under fire for his brother’s comments.

The sarcastic remarks about the sexual harassment scandals from Bret Boone, who played for five MLB teams during his career, including the Seattle Mariners, were brought to light by Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter Stephen Cohen, who posted evidence of them via Twitter.

As noted, Bret Boone later apologized.

It’s hardly surprising that Aaron Boone sought to distance himself from his brother in light of the tweets, for a number of reasons. It’s also completely unfair to blame him or call him out over the questionable way his brother had conducted himself on social media.