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New York tabloids react to Eli Manning’s benching in typical fashion (pics)

The New York Giants on Tuesday announced that Eli Manning would not be the team’s starting quarterback for the first time since 2004, snapping a remarkable streak of 210 games.

New York tabloids — specifically the New York Daily News and New York Post as they are wont to do, used Wednesday’s front and back pages to weigh in on the seismic development in their patented, pun-fueled fashion.

The fallout from benching of Manning — and the insertion of Geno Smith, of all QBs (although Davis Webb is expected to see some action) — remains to be seen. It’s safe to say, however, that the move shocked and saddened some pretty big names in the NFL, not to mention within the sports media as well.

With all that in mind, expect the Post and Daily News to continue their patented cover coverage in the coming days, especially given the arguably clumsy way the Giants handled the switch. After all, the New York tabloids love nothing more than drama, in particular when it involves the apparent presence of utter dysfunction by one of the town’s big-time sports teams.