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James Dolan sings song about how owning Knicks is a ‘living hell’ (vid)

James Dolan has presided over a tumultuous and dysfunctional era of New York Knicks basketball. And to hear it from him, albeit in a joking manner — not to mention in song — being the owner of the Knicks has been a “living hell.”

Dolan, outside of his role as The Madison Square Garden Company and MSG Network’s executive chairman, enjoys a music career on the side as front man of JD & The Straight Shot. It’s a blues-tinged act that routinely receives considerable coverage due to Dolan’s presence as opposed to the group’s musical chops, although to be fair it’s not like they’re a terrible band.

It goes without saying Dolan truly relishes his foray into rock star territory, as he often takes any opportunity to promote JD & The Straight Shot, even under arguably bizarre circumstances.

All that aside, Dolan this week provided a sneak peek of a new song from his band for Deadspin’s annual awards show, which the iconic sports site shared on Twitter.

Some lyrics from the ditty, as transcribed by Ball Don’t Lie:

You know I own a basketball team
For most people that would be a dream
For a trust fund kid, it’s a living hell
Always some a*****e telling me to sell
Orange and blue
Run this zoo

You call me up and ask for a quote
Then write a story calling me a dope
Ask me why we don’t win more games
Is there any chance we get LeBron James?

You must be sniffing glue
Sniffing glue
Sniffing glue

A living hell, indeed, which presumably is a sentiment Knicks fans presumably share with Dolan regarding his underwhelming tenure as owner.

It’s worth noting that Dolan expressed regret in 2016 over penning a song titled, “Fix the Knicks.” One has to wonder if he’ll feel the same about this tune at some point.