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Bill Belichick’s girlfriend posts video of couple shopping for X-Mas tree

Bill Belichick certainly is rough around the edges — to say the least — but if there’s one person who brings out his softer side, it’s his longtime girlfriend, Linda Holliday.

The latest evidence establishing the fact Belichick icy heart melts just a bit simply due to Holliday’s presence is footage showing the couple shopping for a Christmas tree during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

The video, posted by Holliday in an Instagram story, shows the two picking out their tree, with Belichick even breaking out a “Hey” along with an uncharacteristic smile when Holliday asks him to say hello.

It would appear Belichick and Holliday had as much fun Christmas tree shopping as they did going apple picking in the fall.

Along with the Holliday’s bubbly personality lifting Belichick’s spirits, the New England Patriots head coach also once revealed he’s actually a fan of Christmas music. Imagine that.

The only question remaining about Belichick’s Thanksgiving holiday is whether he saved room for pumpkin pie on Turkey Day, something he claims to do every year.

Bill Belichick: A Man of the Holiday Season. Again, imagine that.