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Gregg Popovich ejected after telling ref to ‘Kiss my a–‘ (vid)

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich was ejected from Monday night’s 115-108 victory over the Dallas Mavericks after suffering one of his legendary meltdowns over officiating.

Popovich, never shy about letting referees know about it when he’s unhappy with a call, blew up when the Mavericks were awarded possession on a loose ball during the second quarter. The fiery head coach proceeded to yell, “Open your eyes!” at a ref while gesturing at his own eyes.

Popovich closed his tirade with a “Kiss my a–,” among what appears to be other unprintable, unsavory comments, after storming the court. He then stomped out of the arena in a huff following his ejection.

The ejection was Pop’s second of the season. He was booted out of a game earlier this month against the Golden State Warriors after receiving a second technical foul. But Popovich got the last word in that incident by hollering “(Expletive) terrible ref!” before exiting the arena.

Suffice to say, don’t expect this latest meltdown out of Pop over his anger at officials to be his last, regardless of whether the NBA elects to fine him for his tirade.