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Ayesha Curry slams Twitter user who accused Steph of snubbing young fan

Ayesha Curry fired back at a Twitter troll who accused husband Stephen Curry of snubbing a young fan before a recent game.

The incident, chronicled in a tweet from @bejeffthegod, shows a young fan wearing a Curry jersey posing for photos with other Golden State Warriors players. Video in the tweet — which read, “yo….Steph Curry ain’t (expletive) lol” — shows the youngster calling out to Curry for an autograph.

The encounter — or lack thereof — apparently occurred ahead of a Nov. 19 game against the Nets at Barclays Center. Ayesha Curry, no stranger to defending her husband on social media and elsewhere, fired back at the insinuation the NBA superstar would ever purposely snub a young fan.

When confronted with a tweet that argued Curry had to see the kid, Ayesha Curry said that was not necessarily the case.

ESPN’s Jemele Hill later chimed in by coming to Curry’s defense.

Curry has fostered a reputation of being fan-friendly, and frequently is seen interacting with and signing autographs for young fans. It’s far more reasonable to assume Curry simply did not see the kid, or at the very least did not purposely snub him.