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‘Holiday Meal’ monstrosity to be served at Cowboys’ Thanksgiving game (pic)

Dallas Cowboys fans who take in the team’s Thanksgiving Day game against the Los Angeles Chargers at AT&T Stadium needn’t feel deprived of the traditional foodstuffs and trimmings associated with the holiday. Why? Because those in attendance can feast upon a culinary monstrosity billed as the “Texas-Style Dressing Holiday Meal” for their Thanksgiving dinner.

Some photos of the gargantuan gastronomic concession item, brought to famished Cowboys fans by Legends Hospitality.

Yamma hamma. Does it come with a vat of antacid?

Here’s the breakdown, via Dallas Eater.

The dish will feature a large, Texas-shaped waffle made from stuffing that is topped with “homemade mashed potatoes, roasted turkey breast or Petit Jean smoked ham, fresh green beans, and homemade cranberry sauce.” A dousing of giblet gravy gilds the lily.

Some details of the extraordinary amount of food needed — not to mention effort by staff — for Legends Hospitality to put on a quasi-Thanksgiving Day dinner — including the Texas-Style Dressing Holiday Meal — for 90,000 people, via 5 Point Blue:

  • 950 whole turkeys, including over 500 for suites, approximately 200 for clubs and another 250 for concessions

  • 2,500 pounds of stuffing

  • 2,000 pounds of potatoes to be mashed

  • 2,000 pounds of green beans for green bean casserole

  • 1,800 pounds of sweet potatoes

  • 1,500 pounds of ham

  • 775 pies of various flavors, including pumpkin, the traditional Thanksgiving favorite

  • Over 2,000 staff members on the Legends Hospitality team that prepare, deliver and serve the food on game day (including more than 50 chefs for suites, more than 50 chefs for club kitchens and approximately 100 chefs for the concessions kitchens)

Dig in, Cowboys fans.