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Lane Kiffin claims to have footage of Nick Saban dancing at karaoke jam

Lane Kiffin has been remarkably candid about his experiences working under Nick Saban as the offensive coordinator for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Such openness by Kiffin likely sticks in Saban’s craw, as the head coach has meticulously crafted a no-nonsense persona that abhors details coming out regarding the inner workings of the Alabama program.

Still, since Kiffin bolted Tuscaloosa to take over as head coach of the Florida Atlantic Owls, Kiffin has time and time again revealed details of an oft-tumultuous relationship with Saban. But his latest nugget is almost too good to be true, given Saban’s cultivated cult of personality.

Kiffin claims to have footage of Saban cutting a rug during a karaoke party.

That tantalizing bit of information was part of a fascinating profile of Kiffin recently published by ESPN. To wit:

While appreciative of what Saban did for him, Kiffin goes where few do. He loves poking the bear and reveals that he still has a video of Saban dancing at one of the karaoke parties Saban throws for the parents of recruits during official visit weekends at Alabama.

“Maybe I will post that,” Kiffin says, scanning his phone for the video. “Each new coach would have to get up there and do karaoke. The whole key when you’re a bad singer like me is to pick something that the crowd you’re around knows and will start singing with you.”

For what it’s worth, Kiffin says he sang “Sweet Home Alabama.” Fitting selection, to be sure.

As noted by College Spun, video has previously surfaced of Saban dancing, if that’s what you want to call it.

Sweet moves, Coach.

If Kiffin is to be believed and actually has ownership of such footage, he owes it to the college football-loving world to release it. To do otherwise would be a great disservice to the quest of peeling back the curtain a tad in order to view the human side of Saban.