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Butt Fumble marks its fifth anniversary, so let’s enjoy the schadenfreude (vid)

On Nov. 22, 2012, the New York Jets hosted the New England Patriots for a Thanksgiving Day showdown. The Patriots walked out of MetLife Stadium with a resounding 49-19 victory. But why the game will live on in NFL blooper infamy forever is what came to be known as the “Butt Fumble,” arguably the most embarrassing play in modern sports history.

On an ill-fated run/scramble, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez ran face-first into offensive lineman Brandon Moore’s butt and fumbled the ball, which was returned for a touchdown by the Patriots. The play set off an absolute hilarity explosion on the Internet that still resonates to this day.

As it happens every year on the anniversary, let’s mark the occasion with video of the disastrously comical play, which features the obligatory blooper-esque sound effects.

How popular is the Butt Fumble? The above video has been viewed nearly 1.4 million times on YouTube. The NFL even has its own video on YouTube of the play (not embeddable), which touts the footage as follows: “It’s been called the ‘butt fumble’ and it’s easily one of the worst plays in QB Mark Sanchez’s career and in the history of the NFL.”


If the Butt Fumble needed any more notoriety — it did not — it inspired one of Bill Belichick’s legendary, sarcastic take downs of a media member who was foolish enough to ask the curmudgeonly New England Patriots head coach about it a few years later.

And what has Sanchez had to say about the schadenfreude of it all?

“I mean, it sucked,” Sanchez, then a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, said in 2014. “I ran into some guy’s butt and dropped the ball on the turf, and they scored. It’s like my favorite holiday. It’s not cool. That was really a bummer. But the game plan was ‘Try not to do that,’ and we accomplished it.”

Fair enough.