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LeBron James’ Arthur meme inspires limited edition ‘Cleveland Mood’ sneakers (pic)

The craze over LeBron James utilizing a meme from the “Arthur” animated series a few weeks ago has moved on to the merchandising front thanks to the release of some limited-edition sneakers.

Cleveland’s own Fresh Brewed Tees, in partnership with Tready Shoes, known for their custom Converse kicks, are now selling “Cleveland Mood” Chuck Taylors. The sneakers of course feature the image of Arthur’s clenched fist.

The “Arthur” meme without question has been one of the biggest side story lines so far this NBA season. It all started when James posted one of his patently cryptic social media musings amid the Cleveland Cavaliers’ early-season struggles.


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It has since taken on a life all its own, with James’ own teammates, not to mention a rival or two, getting in on the action on social media. Heck, even J.R. Smith started selling hats based on the meme.

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The new custom “Cleveland Mood” Chuck Taylors are selling for $99 a pair. Given the sneakers’ limited-edition status, odds are they won’t be around for long.