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NFL Network’s Stacey Dales destroys Twitter troll who ripped her for talking NBA

NFL Network reporter Stacey Dales wasn’t having it when a Twitter troll questioned her going outside professional football to provide some NBA analysis. And the way in which Dales expertly destroyed the ill-informed critic was as good as gold.

Dales weighed in on Los Angeles Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball in a Wednesday evening tweet, and expressed sentiments about the rookie that have been expressed by many others.

The aforementioned Twitter troll responded to her tweet with one of his own which more or less was in the spirit of LaVar Ball’s misogynistic “Stay in Your Lane” comment from earlier this year about another media member who happened to be a woman.

Dales wasted no time firing back at the troll, and in a series of tweets — while she did not really need to do so whatsoever — laid out how she is more than qualified to provide basketball analysis.

Dales than issued a fantastic challenge to any other trolls who dare question her.

Dales returned to Twitter early Thursday morning to explain why she shut down the troll, again even though she should not have felt any need to justify anything.

Internet midgets. Boom. Roasted.

Finally, Dales shut things down for good with one final tweet on the topic.

Game. Set. Match.

Dales is among the more respected reporters on NFL Network, if not all sports media. And as Dales brilliantly details in her tweets, her well-earned respect as a media member only tells half the story when it comes to her sports credibility.

Too bad for the troll who deservedly incurred Dales’ wrath that he didn’t bother to read up on her history before ignorantly sounding off. Hopefully, this guy — not to mention all the other trolls of his ilk lurking on Twitter — learned a valuable lesson. If not, Dales is ready for them, too.