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John Lynch: ‘We know what we like about Jimmy Garoppolo’

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch stayed on script by indicating the team does not need to play Jimmy Garoppolo at this point or perhaps at all this season.

The 49ers acquired Garoppolo from the New England Patriots in exchange for their second-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. The team, despite notching only their first victory of the season last Sunday with a victory over the woeful New York Giants.

Despite sitting at 1-9 — or perhaps in light of it — Lynch sees no reason to usher in the Jimmy Garoppolo Era. Instead, the 49ers will roll with C.J. Beathard.

“We know what we like about Jimmy Garoppolo. And that’s only been strengthened by the time that’s he’s been here,” Lynch said, via Pro Football Talk. “We’re just going to let these things play out. That’s in Kyle’s hands. People have had all these ideas about why we got Jimmy. We got Jimmy because we think he has big-time ability at the quarterback position. And we believe so much – to get where we need to get – you have to have a franchise quarterback. We think he’s got that ability.

“Whether that happens, when that happens, we’ll see. But we certainly like his future with the 49ers. … They’re going to work hard during this week to get him up to speed. But right now, we don’t need him. C.J. [Beathard] just played a great game and his teammates really believe in him. We think it’s nothing but a good situation.”

Lynch makes good points. And quite frankly, what would be the benefit of starting Garoppolo this season? What would it amount to? Perhaps another two wins? There’s no way the 49ers were going to compete this season and the acquisition of Garoppolo was framed in the long view. Although it warrants mentioning that Garoppolo will be an unrestricted free agent after the season.

That said, Lynch makes it clear that the 49ers don’t need to see Garoppolo play this season to recognize his value. Whether the 49ers use that knowledge to maximize his trade value him or sign him to a long-term deal.