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Gronk on high-altitude practices for Mexico City game: ‘My skin feels a lot drier’

Gronk apparently is no fan of thin air. It’s bad for the skin, he says.

The New England Patriots face the Oakland Raiders on Sunday in Mexico City. To prepare for the game that will be played in high altitude (7,503 feet above sea level), the Patriots remained in Colorado after last Sunday’s win over the Denver Broncos and practiced at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs (7,200 feet above sea level).

The normal procedure for high-altitude games is for players and coaches to downplay the detrimental effects of thin air. Rob Gronkowski, however, went off-script and bemoaned the more nuanced ways the different atmospheric conditions were personally impacting him. Although Gronk was quick to point out it was a good plan to practice in the thin air.

“It has, for sure,” Gronkowski said when asked if Colorado Springs’ high altitude has affected him, via ESPN. “My skin feels a lot drier. A lot of people, their nose gets like super dry, mouth super dry. So just glad to be here and be able to prepare to what Mexico City will be. It’s good training. I’m glad we’re doing it.”

Somebody get Gronk some moisturizer, stat.

Gronkowski went on to mention after Wednesday’s practice that he quickly noticed how different things felt.

“You can feel it, for sure,” Gronkowski said. “It’s not like a huge difference, but you can feel it.”

On a lighter note, Gronk did bust out a classic quote from way back when to articulate his excitement over playing in Mexico City. When asked after practice if he had a message for fans in Mexico City, Gronk said, “My old message: Yo soy fiesta, baby.”

The “Yo soy fiesta, baby” line was originally uttered by Gronkowski back in 2012 after the Patriots dispatched the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship Game. Gronk, only in his second NFL season, was being interviewed by ESPN Deportes reporter John Sutcliffe when he closed the interview with the aforementioned line.

Gronk should never change. And in light of him busting out such an oldie but a goodie, it doesn’t look like he plans to do so.