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Agent on LeBron James’ future: ‘Most important thing is about winning’

Rich Paul, LeBron James’ agent, made it clear during a recent interview that when it comes to his client’s future, the “most important thing is about winning.”

Paul recently joined “The Herd” and weighed in on James’ free-agency future, interestingly adding that James’ “owes” it to the Cleveland Cavaliers to focus on the here and now and worry about what the future holds further on down the line.

“For anywhere, not Los Angeles, not Miami, not Detroit, Milwaukee,” Paul said, via Pro Basketball Talk. “I think for LeBron, and for most athletes, the most important thing is about winning.

“At his level, it should be. It should be about winning at his point in his career.

“I think Cleveland won 60 games and went to the Finals three years in a row. So, I think his focus should be there. I think he owes that to his teammates and he owes it to the organization to keep his focus on the Cleveland Cavaliers for right now. And my job is to, at such time, give him the advice that he wants and prepare him to be able to make whatever decision he wants to make at such time. Right now, that’s not the time.”

Paul’s comments interestingly echo almost exactly what James’ manager, Maverick Carter, recently said of the superstar’s NBA future.

James becomes an unrestricted free agent next summer and of course will have endless options. Several teams have been bandied about as potential destinations for James; from the Lakers, the 76ers, the list goes on and on. But to hear it from his inner circle, if the team cannot assure James of fielding a championship-caliber roster, odds are they will plummet in the pecking order.

That said, could the comments from both Paul and Carter also be a warning shot of sorts to the Cavaliers? The team, after all, has struggled mightily early on this season to the tune of a 8-7 record. Is it possible that James is using his representation to let the Cavs know that if things don’t go well this season, he’s gone? Stay tuned.