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Ohtani or Otani: Correct spelling of Japanese star’s name clarified

One of the biggest names of the MLB offseason is a two-way-playing, mega-prospect of Japan. It would be nice if the correct spelling of his name could be settled. Thanks to said player’s agency, the dilemma has been resolved.

It’s Ohtani. Not Otani.

Shohei Ohtani ultimately will join an MLB roster before the start of the 2018 season. But there has been some debate on how to spell his name, as sites on the Internet, even reputable ones, have it spelled two different ways, as noted above. Both spellings are technically correct, as there isn’t a straight letter-for-letter translation from Japanese to English.

Thanks to Ohtani’s agency, CAA Sports, it can now be agreed going forward that it should be spelled “Ohtani.” Via the New York Post, by way of CBS Sports:

There have been plenty of headlines hyping the two-way baseball player who will soon be posted by the Nippon-Ham Fighters this offseason, but most referred to him as Otani. Now, Ohtani’s representatives at CAA have clarified the spelling.

The explanation is simple, according to CAA: That is what Ohtani wears on his jersey in Japan.

To wit:

Well, now with the book closed on that one, perhaps all involved parties can forge ahead and hammer out a new framework for Major League Baseball’s posting system so Ohtani can sign somewhere. That’d be nice.