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Scott Boras: Jake Arrieta is ‘a big squirrel with a lot of nuts in his tree’

Superagent Scott Boras is well-known for going to great lengths to boost a client’s value on the free agent market. But who would have thought likening a ballplayer to a squirrel, of all things, would be in Boras’ well-stocked playbook?

Here’s what Boras had to say about free agent pitcher Jake Arrieta at the MLB general manager eetings in Orlando, Fla., on Wednesday.

Wait. What? There presumably are a few ways to unpack that comment but none arguably would make much sense when referring to a pitcher .. or any other human in any situation, for that matter. Although perhaps Boras’ oddball remark would be fitting when detailing how an individual possesses remarkable planning skills when storing foodstuffs for a tough winter ahead.

As far as baseball players are concerned, though, Boras’ touting of client Arrieta’s merits by likening him to a squirrel, while colorful, is just flat-out weird.