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Russell Wilson clowns around about needing jaw realigned after brutal hit (vid)

Russell Wilson clearly is no worse for wear after taking a brutal hit to the jaw during last Thursday’s 22-16 win over the Arizona Cardinals. One needn’t look any further to establish that notion than the video posted by the Seattle Seahawks superstar quarterback joking around about needing jaw realignment.

Wilson took to Instagram this week to showcase how he needed to be outfitted with a special mouthpiece to realign a disc in his jaw. And it’s obvious Wilson is having a good laugh over how ridiculous he sounds with the dental appliance in his mouth.

My Jaw is hurt and Dr. is making me wear this to fix and realign my disc in my jaw. #Brutal #Jaws #MyFaceHurts

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Sure, the desire to showcase mouthpiece makes sense. But what’s the deal with the swimming cap and goggles? Wilson does mention he was about to go for a swim, but the getup makes him appear all the more amusing and ridiculous. Perhaps that was the intent.

What wasn’t amusing, however, is the shot that caused the jaw injury in the first place.

Further complicating matters is how the NFL revealed last week a “thorough review” was underway to determine whether Wilson violated concussion protocol following the hit. Seahawks head coach Peter Carroll indicated earlier this week the team is cooperating with the NFL’s investigation and the team “should know more in a couple of days, I think.”

Until then, everyone has Wilson’s comical video. Which is nice, given the potential discipline for a violation of concussion protocol includes a $150,000 fine for the first offense. Team employees and/or medical team members would also be required to attend remedial education. A loss of draft picks is also possible, per