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John Mara personally responded to letter from disgruntled Giants fan (pic)

New York Giants president, CEO and co-owner John Mara has been spending some time during the team’s nightmarish season responding to letters from disgruntled fans, or at least one of them.

The Giants have endured a torturous 1-8 campaign so far in a season that began with Super Bowl aspirations, in hindsight a ludicrous notion. Giants fans not surprisingly are outraged over the team’s ineptitude and one such fan wrote a letter to express his unhappiness over the team’s woes.

Mara apparently has responded to at least a handful of correspondences directed to his attention, per a New York Post report.

A Giants fan posted an image of the letter he received from Mara’s desk on Twitter.

The letter from Mara reads:

“I have your letter. Nobody is more upset than I am with our performance so far. I learned a long time ago that the season is a marathon, not a sprint, and things can look a whole lot different in December than they do.

“We will evaluate everything at the end of the season, with a full body of information, before we make any major decisions. In the meantime all we are focused on right now is trying to win our next game.

“Thank you for writing and for your loyal support of the Giants.”

There’s no way of knowing for certain whether Mara actually wrote or even dictated the letter. But the case can be made the Giants deserve credit for the letter either way. Let’s just assume the gesture will be much better received than what happened when another owner of a New York professional sports franchise responded to a disgruntled fan’s email a few years back. That’s … something.