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Chargers ripped by San Diego paper for cropped photo honoring military (pic)

The Los Angeles Chargers organization is encountering some backlash over a photograph tweeted out by its official Twitter account that pays tribute to members of the U.S. Military. While the Chargers’ intentions were noble, the decision to crop the photo is being panned.

The original photograph the Chargers used in the tweet came from when the team called San Diego home. The choice was made to crop the image to remove “San Diego” from the team flag prominently held by soldiers. This led to other omissions.

The case could be made it’s much ado about nothing. Still, The San Diego News-Tribune jumped all over the cropped photo, which is understandable given the sports-loving portion of its readership still harbors bitterness over the team’s move.

The original photo, as posted on the Twitter account of @fightforsd, shows that the Chargers flag had “San Diego” on the bottom of the logo. In the edited version, that “San Diego” is cropped out.

Worse, they cropped off the bottom of the American flag.

And still worse: They also cropped out a military member laying in front of the flags.

FightforSD, which touts itself as “dedicated to all things San Diego Sports, Past, present, and future,” also took umbrage on Twitter to the cropped image. The comment from @fightforsd is directed at Chargers owner Dean Spanos and reads, “You don’t crop out history, Dean.”

Fair enough.