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Tom Brady tight-lipped on Roger Goodell’s messy contract situation

Tom Brady has opted to steer clear of discussing at any length the messy situation involving Roger Goodell’s contract extension.

The New England Patriots quarterback had the opportunity to weigh in on the ugly battle occurring within NFL ownership — with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones assuming an antagonistic role with no indication of any backing down — during his weekly appearance on Westwood One’s coverage of “Monday Night Football.”

“Whatever he makes, look, I don’t care,” Brady told Jim Gray, via NESN. “That is up to the owners to decide and I have to focus on my job, which is tough enough as is.”

Brady for the most part has avoided addressing any controversy involving Goodell even though the commissioner played an integral role in his four-game suspension as a result of the protracted Deflategate saga.

Brady of course is a savvy protector of his name and brand, so he generally avoids getting ensnared in anything not directly related to issues involving himself or the Patriots. While there have been occasions when Brady does open up on such external matters (here and here), this was not one of them.

“I’ll leave that up to you and everyone else to discuss,” Brady said. “I am not getting into any of those topics.”

Reports have suggested Gooodell is seeking a $20 million raise above and beyond his current $30 million annual salary. There has also been conflicting reports concerning arguably outrageous demands made by Goodell, including a request for a lifetime use of a private jet.

While Goodell, the NFL and Jones battle it out — with the league arguably suffering to some extent from a P.R. standpoint because of the ugly stalemate — Brady will wisely remain above the fray. Even if there is lingering animosity on Brady’s behalf toward Goodell, what good can come of the Patriots quarterback commenting on this situation?