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Tom Brady depicted as centaur in QB’s latest ‘TB Times’ Facebook bit (pic)

Tom Brady depicted himself as a centaur in the aftermath of the New England Patriots’ 41-16 throttling of the Denver Broncos Sunday night for the latest edition of his patented “TB Times” Facebook bit.

The “TB Times” routine is one of the hallmarks of Brady’s hailed social media shenanigans, as he is widely considered among the most savvy social media auteurs in the NFL And Brady typically brings — or more accurately in this case, trots — the “TB Times” bit out following a significant victory, as was the case earlier this season after a win over the Atlanta Falcons in a Super Bowl LI rematch.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Brady’s social media antics related to a game against the Broncos involved horses. Although in the previous instance, things did not go as swimmingly for Brady as they did on Sunday night.

That said, the hope is the Broncos have the horse sense not to fire Back at Brady this time around in the wake of such a demoralizing and lopsided loss.