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Teddy Bridgewater: ‘The dream is still alive’

Teddy Bridgewater’s inspirational recovery from a potentially career-ending — not to mention possibly life-altering — knee injury will reach another significant milestone in a series of remarkable ones this weekend.

Bridgewater, celebrating his 25th birthday Friday, will back up Case Keenum on Sunday when the Minnesota Vikings travel to face the Washington Redskins.

Only 14 months after a dislocation and multiple ligament tears in his left knee during a non-contact drill in practice, Bridgewater will only be one play away from stepping onto a field for an NFL regular season game for the first time since January 2016.

Suffice to say, for Bridgewater, his NFL dream is very much so still alive.

“Once I get out there between those lines, I have no regrets, no doubt,” Bridgewater said, via the Star Tribune. “I’m just out there living my dream. There was a time where the dream may have ended or died, but the dream is still alive.”

Bridgewater was a constant presence at Vikings training facilities throughout his lengthy rehab process and regularly attended quarterback and offense meetings. He also prepared the best he could through other means.

“Ton of confidence,” Bridgewater said. “Throughout the entire process we did drills and simulated movements that would prepare me for gamelike situations. I know it’s not the actual game, but I had some great work throughout this entire process and I’m very comfortable and confident.”

Bridgewater expressed “no concerns at all” over returning to the game, even though he is still working on regaining mobility and wears a brace on his surgically repaired left knee. He relies upon his faith to give him confidence and peace of mind.

“Our training staff, our strength and conditioning staff has done a great job preparing me to get to this point,” Bridgewater said. “So once I get out there, it’s no regrets. No holding back. Whatever is meant to happen, happens. I trust God’s plan for me. I’m going to go with that.”

Bridgewater’s work ethic, commitment and determination has blown away his teammates. Bridgewater hasn’t quite yet crossed the finish line in his comeback, but he’s close.