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Roger Goodell takes in ‘TNF’ at Seahawks bar in New York (pics)

‘NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made a surprise appearance at a Seattle Seahawks bar in New York and took in some “Thursday Night Football” action.

A few photographs of the commissioner mixing in with the masses were originally brought to light thanks to Busted Coverage.

The Seahawks managed to win the game, beating the Arizona Cardinals by a score of 22-16, although it came at cost. Several Seahawks players were injured, with the most devastating development being how Richard Sherman is out for the season after rupturing an Achilles tendon.

One has to wonder if any Seahawks fan at the bar confronted Goodell about the inherent risks of players competing on short rest for “Thursday Night Football” games. Probably not, but odds are an irate Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin would have relished the opportunity to have a chat with Goodell, given how he argued after the game that “TNF” games “should be illegal.”

Goodell, however, seemed to be enjoying his outing.

The tweet presumably was in jest and Goodell did not actually partake in rounds of shots with the fans. But then again, it arguably would be understandable had Goodell enjoyed an adult beverage or two. After all, the commissioner is having something of a tough week, to put it mildly.

So, perhaps taking in all the “Thursday Night Football” action at the Seahawks bar provided Goodell with a brief respite from the tumultuous goings-on surrounding his much ballyhooed contract extension … or better put, lack of one.