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Mike Shanahan: RG3 ‘really believed he was Aaron Rodgers’ (vid)

Mike Shanahan on Friday dropped a mind-blowing anecdote about Roger Griffin III from their time together with the Washington Redskins. Making an appearance on FOX Sports 1’s “Undisputed,” the former Redskins head coach revealed that RG3 may have had a severely over-inflated view of himself.

Shanahan claims Griffin believed he was every bit the quarterback as Aaron Rodgers.

Say what?

It warrants mentioning that there was no shortage of bad blood between Shanahan and Griffin throughout their tumultuous partnership — for lack of a better word — with the Redskins.

The acrimonious and dysfunctional relationship between the two domineering personalities was rehashed in September when Griffin and Santana Moss — a former Redskins teammate — exchanged barbs over their shared history with Shanahan. Moss claims Griffin “gloated” over Shanahan’s firing after the 2013 season, and things escalated between the two former teammates from there.

All that backstory and drudging up of the past aside, the notion that RG3 believes he was on par with a quarterback boasting the pedigree of Rodgers is patently absurd, despite how much potential Griffin displayed at the time.

Still, if there’s one consolation for RG3 amid the potential embarrassment of this story coming to light is that at least he now has something in common with Rodgers: Neither are currently active on NFL roster. So he’s got that going for him. Which is nice.