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Tom Brady cops to occasionally indulging in cheeseburgers, ice cream (vid)

Stop the presses. Tom Brady, whose rigidly regimented commitment to diet and nutrition borders on the pathological, recently admitted that even he occasionally surrenders to temptation and indulges in treats like cheeseburgers and ice cream.

Brady is renowned for treating his body as a temple. So much so, in fact, he counts avocado ice cream as one of his few dietary indulgences. Brady and Gisele even dressed up as avocado toast for Halloween, for crying out loud.

The New England Patriots remarkably fit 40-year-old quarterback copped to his junk food cheats during a game of word association with former teammate Scott Zolak.

“Ice cream or cheeseburger, but I do eat those,” Brady admits when asked what junk food on which he would splurge. “I just don’t eat a lot. Yeah, every once in a while.”

Goodness gracious. If we can’t rely upon Brady and his maniacal devotion to his insane diet in this crazy world, what can we count on?

Perhaps it’s time to dig back into Brady’s much ballyhooed tome, “The TB12 Method,” for some much needed perspective on proper nutrition. Although one should be advised not to follow Brady’s dubious suggestion on how to avoid sunburn.