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Hunter Pence admits he ‘got wrecked’ by Alex Trebek’s Giants slam

Hunter Pence admits he “got wrecked” by Alex Trebek with the “Jeopardy!” host’s savage slam on the San Francisco Giants during a recent episode of the iconic game show.

Tim Aten, a contestant in the show’s “Tournament of Champions” this week, mentioned how he had received a tweet of support from “World Series champion” Hunter Pence. Trebek replied, “for the Giants?” After Aten replied in the affirmative, Trebek looks into the camera and says, “Not this year,” a potshot at the expense of the Giants’ miserable 64-98 2016 campaign.

Goodness gracious. Alex Trebek is one cold-blooded game show host. Who woulda thunk it?

Pence, demonstrating quite the self-deprecating sense of humor, took to Twitter to acknowledge that yes, he was indeed taken back behind the metaphorical woodshed by Trebek.

Well played, Mr. Pence. Although not quite as brilliant as the savage slam from Trebek that inspired it.