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NBA referees troll fans over Twitter’s new 280-character limit

Twitter on Tuesday expanded the character limit in posts from 140 to 280 characters, a monumentally seismic development in the world of social media. While official Twitter accounts for countless entities and the like weighed in with clever — or hackneyed — reactions to the character limit increase, perhaps one of the best dispatches came from NBA referees.

The tweet from @OfficialNBARefs brilliantly trolled fans by sarcastically requesting they be responsible with their tweets as stewards of Twitter’s newfound freedom. Specifically, the expectation is that any tweets directed at the account be “calm, well-reasoned, and full of complete sentences.”

Boom. Roasted.

Although the case can be made NBA referees are asking far too much with their request given the quality, or lack thereof, of most discourse on social media from those who for some reason feel compelled to lash out at the official Twitter account of NBA referees in the first place.