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Mark Cuban says NFL’s ‘implosion’ is ‘absolutely’ underway

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban made waves about three-and-a-half years ago by stating the NFL was “10 years away from an implosion” due to the league’s greedy decision to oversaturate the market with its product.

With the news of declining ratings, among other issues, the NFL currently faces, Cuban believes the doom-and-gloom he predicted in March of 2014 is already well underway.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Cuban said Tuesday night, via The Dallas Morning News. “But not from a TV ratings perspective.

“But they still have bigger strategic problems in that people don’t want their kids to play football. That’s huge. That impacts how much football kids will watch. And how much football families watch.

“You just get the sense that they don’t really have a grasp of how to connect to people in the broader population.”

Cuban admits that it’s not only the NFL that is being confronted with issues stemming from how the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA relies upon the absurd amount of income generated from broadcast rights. Cuban believes the major professional sports leagues should address the issue together.

“I think all the major professional sports should band together and talk about how watching their sport on traditional television is a better experience than watching it online,” he said.

“They don’t convey that. . . There’s a lot of benefit all the major sports accrue given that their major source of revenue is television.”

Finally, Cuban singled out the long-term, devastating effects of concussions, an issue the general public is learning more and more about and in turn is of great concern to the NFL.

Cuban believes the NFL needs to “come clean on CTE and deal with it. And it’s not just about reducing (concussions). Until something’s solved, I’m not going to let my son play tackle football. I’ll let him play touch football or flag football, but there’s no chance of letting him play tackle football.”

Mark Cuban has long been a thorn in the NFL’s side due to his outspoken ways. It appears that’s not going to end anytime soon.