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LeBron James calls reactions to his social media activity ‘white noise’

LeBron James insists in an interview published Wednesday by SLAM Magazine that he pays no attention whatsoever to reactions to his social media activity, cryptic or otherwise, claiming he doesn’t even check whether his posts are liked or retweeted.

SLAM: The way information spreads these days leads to a ton of noise around basically every single thing you do. What do you do to block that out and just focus on the things that matter?

LeBron: I really don’t get involved in it, man. If I send out a tweet, I don’t read comments. I don’t go in to look at how many—what is it, retweets, or likes, or whatever it’s called. If I send out an Instagram post, I don’t really check to see how many likes I get. When I send something out, it’s either from the passion of how I’m feeling or what I think needs to be said. I know it’s a lot of noise out there, but it’s all white noise to me. I don’t really get involved in it and I don’t really pay attention to it.

James’ comments on his lack of interest in the attention paid to his social media activity interestingly come amid reactions to an Instagram post from the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar earlier this week.

James on Monday night took to Instagram to post a meme featuring an image of a clenched fist from the cartoon “Arthur.” Many assumed it had something to do with Kyrie Irving’s success this season with the red-hot Boston Celtics after orchestrating his way out of Cleveland during the offseason.

When asked about the inspiration behind the post, however, James instead simply stated, “I like Arthur.”

James has elevated cryptic social media dispatches into something of a passive-aggressive art form. His Instagram dispatch Monday night could have had something to do with Irving, nothing to do with Irving or it could have been James orchestrating it all for his own amusement.

Then again, if we are to believe James, it doesn’t matter. It’s not like he’s paying attention to any of it anyway.