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Jimmy Butler on Bulls: It was either me or Fred Hoiberg

Jimmy Butler indicated during a recent interview that it never would have worked out with him and the Chicago Bulls so long as Fred Hoiberg was the head coach.

Butler of course was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves on a draft night shocker and that probably was for the best, both for him and the Bulls organization. Appearing on a segment on ESPN’s “Hang Time,” Butler made that notion abundantly clear. He also noted how he’s eagerly anticipating his first return back to Chicago with a Feb. 9 showdown between his T’Wolves and the Bulls at United Center.

“I probably went about a lot of things the wrong way. People don’t work as hard as I do and they don’t expect the same things out of the game as I do. And that’s my fault and I’ve learned from that. I’ve said from the beginning it was either going to be me or the Fred Hoiberg route,” Butler told Sam Alipour, via the Star Tribune. “Rightfully so they took Freddy. Good for him. I’ve got that game circled on my calendar. February 9, baby, I’m back.”

For what it’s worth, Hoiberg, who is presiding over a full-scale rebuild with the Bulls, took the high road with Butler, praising his former player and wishing him well.

“We miss Jimmy,” Hoiberg said, via the Chicago Tribune. “He is an unbelievable player and has had a great impact on winning for Minnesota. And he will continue to do that. We always wish him the best.”

Interestingly, Butler’s candid comments came amid an attempt to familiarize himself with a Minnesota pastime by way of a canoeing excursion. It made for a comical scene as the canoe capsized after Alipour hops out of it.

Here’s the entire segment, titled, “Living that Minnesota lifestyle with Jimmy Butler.”

Suffice to say, Butler has a long way to go before fully transforming into a full-on Minnesotan. That said, the Timberwolves (7-3) are 7-1 in games in which he’s played this season. It goes without saying residents of the Land of 10,000 Lakes will be patient as Butler attempts to embrace the stereotypical Minnesota lifestyle.