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Bill Belichick has Belichickian response to question about retiring (vid)

Bill Belichick on Wednesday provided a patently Belichickian response to a reporter’s inquiry about any potential plans to retire.

The New England Patriots head coach dismissed the question by going with his standby answer to such questions, which is always to steer the discussion towards the team’s upcoming opponent.

The question that elicited Belichick’s Belichickian retort was about whether or not he plans to retire while Tom Brady is still is quarterback. The subject perhaps was raised due to rumors of a purported rift between the head coach and quarterback. Both Belichick and Brady have dismissed the rumors, with Belichick referring to it as “fake news.”

That said, Belichick wasn’t interested in diving into such topics, to put it mildly.

“Yeah, the goal right now is to beat Denver,” Belichick said in reference to Sunday night’s game against the Broncos.

Undeterred, the reporter asked a follow-up question, apparently inspired by ESPN’s upcoming “30 for 30: The Two Bills” documentary about Belichick and Bill Parcells. The reporter, clearly poking the bear at this point, asked Belichick if he or Parcells were better at putting the media in its place.

“Denver. Denver’s the target this week,” Belichick said.”I know you’ve got all that stuff on your mind, but right now I’m just focused on Denver. Sorry we can’t connect on that.”

“You’re good at it, though,” the reporter said in response.

“You’re the best,” Belichick quipped.


Belichick wasn’t nearly as repetitive this time around when compared to his virtuoso “On to Cincinnati” performance from a few years back, but his response had all the hallmarks of his typical disdain for off-topic inquiries.

It’s worth noting that NESN reports this portion of Belichick’s press conference was not included in the transcript the Patriots released of Wednesday’s session.

When it comes to surly interactions with the media, Belichick always is in midseason form. And that’s a good thing for everyone … well, except for the members of the media who draw the ire of the curmudgeonly coach.