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Jon Gruden introduces ‘Turkey Hole’ to NFL lexicon (vid)

Among the highlights of “Monday Night Football” this week didn’t have anything to do with the action on the field as the Detroit Lions dismantled the Green Bay Packers, leaving Lambeau Field with a rare victory. Instead, it occurred when Jon Gruden spent an entire segment introducing the nonsensical term “Turkey Hole” to the NFL lexicon.

Gruden explains the turkey hole as when a quarterback squeezes in a tight throw between the cornerback and the safety. He broke down a play where Matt Stafford executed a pass to T.J. Jones by place the football into the so-called Turkey Hole.

“Watch Stafford fit the ball in the hole between the corner and the safety; I don’t advise this at home,” Gruden said, as transcribed by Awful Announcing. “What a throw by Matt Stafford. I call that the turkey hole. Don’t ask me why.”

Don’t ask Gruden why, indeed.

And yet, ESPN devoted an in-booth segment to allow Gruden to further diagram the intricacies of a perfectly executed turkey hole pass.

“Let me show you what the turkey hole is. It’s the turkey hole! The area when the corner rolls up, there’s a hole between the safety and the corner,” Gruden explains. “It’s not an easy throw; you gotta be able to rifle it in there, Sean! I had a quarterback (Brett Favre) here in Green Bay who was able to do that at a high level. And now I’m watching one here in Matt Stafford who makes a living putting the ball right there in the turkey hole.”

Turkey hole, folks.