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Dwyane Wade rips Cavaliers starters after loss to Hawks

Dwyane Wade is now coming off the bench for the Cleveland Cavaliers after initially being named a starter to begin the season. A frustrated Wade bemoaned the effort out of the Cavaliers’ starting five in Sunday night’s 117-115 loss to the Atlanta Hawks.

“It’s no secret we’re starting games off awful,” Dwyane Wade said after the game, via ESPN. “Terrible. And [Atlanta] got it going early, and the effort or the focus just wasn’t there to start off, and you try to battle back, you waste a lot of energy trying to come back from 16-18 down, and it’s tough nightly to do this. And we all know this. It’s no secret in this locker room, but our first unit, we got to start off better.”

Wade, who scored 25 points off the bench, finished up his comments with the following dose of sarcasm.

“I want one time for the first unit to get on the second unit because we blew a lead,” Wade said, chuckling. “I’m waiting for that day to happen.”

Fellow reserve Channing Frye also ripped the starting five after the game.

“I mean, to be honest… we’ve gotta play harder,” Frye said, via “We have to play harder and I think we have to be more, more, attentive to details and I think we just have to have a better sense of urgency.”T

The Cavaliers have limped to a 4-6 record. LeBron James, as he has done on a handful of occasions as the Cavs stumbled out of the gate, tried to lend some perspective to the early-season struggles.

“No energy. The effort was pretty bad, and you turn the corner, but you can’t fix it in one game,” James said, alluding to Friday’s victory over the Washington Wizards that halted a four-game slide. “This is something that has been going on for a while. We just have to try to figure it out. Tonight we fell into that again. … We don’t want to single anyone out, but everyone has to step up their play for us to be as good as we’d like to be.”